Electronic ultra low noise pre-amplifiers

Ciprian’s pre-amplifiers are designed to operate in high-sensitivity applications. They provide a clean conversion of extremely weak signals of the order of μV into levels suitable for analog to digital conversion or any other processing.

Our pre-amplifiers are also useful when working with signals in the milliVolt range: they guarantee the best possible signal-to-noise ratio for measurements made by a scope or a digital acquisition card.

These amplifiers are very well suited for applications in acoustics, ultrasonics, piezo actuators, MEMS, optics and more generally for any applications dealing with signals of small amplitudes.


LNA ultra low-noise pre-amplifiers family

The CIPRIAN LNA series consist of amplifiers with a fixed gain and very low internal noise. Their outputs are protected against over-load and short-circuits while the inputs can be protected against transient high voltages.

The gain is fixed at the factory and can be chosen between 20 dB (x10 in voltage), 40 dB (x100 in voltage), 60 dB (x1000 in voltage) or 80 dB (x10,000 in voltage).

The LNA family is divided into low frequency units (from DC to 800 kHz) and high speed units (from 5 kHz to 20 MHz).

Main advantages are:

  • ultra low-noise amplification
  • high voltage gain
  • universal range of sources for the power supply
  • compact and lightweight
  • very attractive price
  • extended warranty of three years

Main specifications are:

  • Ultra low voltage noise : 0.96 nv/sqrt(Hz)
  • Voltage gains up to 80 dB (x 10,000 amplification)
  • Low frequency units : DC to 800 kHz
  • High speed units : 5 kHz to 20 MHz
  • Powered from USB or battery or main supply
  • Universal power supply included
  • Input protection available
  • Output protection against overload and short-circuit