Electronic high voltage multiplexers

Ciprian’s high voltage multiplexers switch electronic signals between one common connector and many other connectors.

These switches are bidirectionnal : the electronic signal can propagate from common to terminal or vice-versa.

They are controlled via a USB3 link from a host computer.

A typical application for these products is, for example, in acoustic or ultrasonic experimental setups where the output signal from one single high voltage power amplifier has to be directed successively to different transducers and/or the echo signals from the different transducers have to be measured successively from one single scope or digitizer. Another application is the simultaneous study over a long period of eight different samples, each with a slow evolution.

For example, very low voltage signals corresponding to an echo wave, as well as very high voltage signals corresponding to an excitation wave, can be switched.

SSM-08 series of high voltage analog multiplexers

The SSM-08 series comprises ultrafast power multiplexers based on last-generation solid state switches.

Very high voltages and currents can be easily commutated with ultralow switching times thanks to their innovative solid-state design.

Ultra high isolation between channels can be achieved thanks to the innovative design of our solid state switches.

The SSM-08 series includes two models: SSM-08-B units providing full functionality and the SSM-08-A model that includes the features of the latter and introduces an improved switch design with enhanced isolation between channels.

Main features are:

  • no moving mechanical components: fully solid state design maximises the time of operation without failures
  • ultrafast switching time < 3 µs
  • bidirectional operation
  • high voltage (1400 Vpp) / high current (10 A peak) operation
  • very low crosstalk between channels
  • DC-1MHz bandwidth
  • extended warranty of three years
EMM-08 series of high voltage analog multiplexers

The EMM-08-B is a low-cost power multiplexer based on electromechanical switches and intended for applications with low to medium switching rates.

It supports high voltage operation while high currents can be driven with an insignificant heat dissipation due to the low resistance of the switches.

Besides, a high isolation between channels allows the management of power and low-level signals without interference.

Main features are:

  • bidirectional operation
  • high voltage (800 Vpp AC) / high current (5 A peak) operation
  • high isolation of disabled channels
  • DC-5MHz bandwidth
  • extended warranty of three years
  • very attractive price