High voltage power amplifiers

Ciprian’s high-voltage power amplifiers are targeted for generating electrical signals up to many hundreds of Volt in amplitude.

These amplifiers can be used for non destructive testing (NDT) applications in acoustics, ultrasonics, piezo actuators, MEMS, as well as for a variety of material processing technologies.

If you intend to work with electrical loads of very low impedance, then please consider using a high current power amplifier instead. Please click here to get more information about our high current power amplifiers. If you hesitate over which kind of power amplifier best suits your needs, please read our application note “High voltage vs high current amplifiers”.

HVA series high voltage power amplifiers

The HVA models are high-voltage amplifiers that provide output levels of up to 800 Vpp and currents of 2 A RMS.

They are suitable for the excitation of piezoelectric transducers, EMATs, MEMs and many other applications. The HVA amplifiers can work with capacitive loads and are able to provide the strong current demanded by these loads when operating at high voltages and high frequencies.

Two different models are available: the HVA-400-A with an output voltage of 400Vpp and the HVA-800-A with 800Vpp.

Main features are:

  • high voltage and high power output with a single unit
  • continuous wave operation
  • very high slew rate
  • wide bandwidth ranging from 10 kHz to more 2 MHz
  • stable with capacitive loads
  • linear amplification with low distortion
  • four-quadrant operation
  • over-temperature protection
  • very attractive price
  • extended warranty of three years