Ciprian designs and manufactures instruments for

the amplification and management of signals

in modern experimental systems.



We offer a wide range of solutions for setups dealing with electric, acoustic, ultrasonic and optical waves.

Our products are designed to provide maximum quality at an affordable price. Please, have a look on our specific product families:

High Voltage and High Current Amplifiers

Ciprian develops and manufactures power amplifiers that are targeted for generating electrical signals up to many hundreds of Volt in amplitude and working up to 20 Amps.

These amplifiers can be used for non destructive testing (NDT) applications in acoustics, ultrasonics, piezo actuators, MEMS, as well as for a variety of material processing technologies.

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Low Noise Amplifiers

Ciprian’s low-noise pre-amplifiers enable the study of electric signals with weak amplitude (down to the µV range).

Ciprian’s pre-amplifiers are also useful when working with signals in the mV range: they guarantee the best possible signal-to-noise ratio for measurements made by a scope or a digital acquisition card.

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General Purpose Amplifiers

These amplifiers can work up to ±15 V and deliver up to 1 A over an ultrawide bandwith ranging from DC to 30 MHz.

They are stable into capacitive and inductive loads.

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High Voltage Multiplexers

Ciprian’s high voltage multiplexers switch electronic signals between one common connector and many other connectors. These switches are bidirectionnal and are controlled via a USB3 link from a host computer.

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